Living Recipients of the Meritorious Service Award

Albert H. Fitch 33°1984
William B. Endres 33°1990
Gregory G. Lindsay 33°1991
Samuel L. Brooks1999
Arthur J. Hemm 33°2001
David L. Newton 33°2002
Donald R. Wood, Sr. 33°2003
Randy D. Fitch2004
Lauren L. Crawford 33°2005
Arlo R. Sloan 33°2006
Richard D. Hacker 33°2007
Timothy J. Vice 33°2008
Lawrence L. E. Smith2009
Marvin R. Whittaker2011
Gregory S. Washabaugh2013
Thomas W. Podrovitz2014
David G. Ziegler2015
Dean L. Sheese 33°2017
James E. Foiles2018
A. Eugene Posey2019
Jamie A. Emery2020
Thomas N. Nipper2020
Michael L. McDorman2021
Dale F. Thayer2021
Russell Hoeper2022
David Robison2022
James Goetsch *2023
* To be awarded at ICOD June, 24, 2023