Last Updated: 26 January 2023

Latest Information

The next stated meeting will be held February 13, 2023. The Moline Lodge of Perfection will be in charge of the meeting. The Board meeting will be at 6:30pm followed by the Fraternal meeting at 7:30pm. We hope to see you there!

Spring Reunion is just around the corner. (March 18, 2023) If you haven’t been to a reunion for the Valley of Moline in a while, come on out to our new location (All one level!). And don’t forget to have your candidates sign up on the Supreme Council website HERE. We would love to see you! Watch for the new edition of the Chimes coming out soon for the schedule.

Do you have an article to submit for the next issue of the Chimes? Get it to our editor, Russ Hoeper, ASAP!

The Scholarship application links have been updated for 2023. Please send the link to our applications page to students you know are interested. Click HERE to go to our applications page.

There are two Leadership training events planned for early 2023 via Zoom. Officers and members are encouraged to attend. Click HERE for more information

The Blue Envelope fall campaign is here and should be hitting mail boxes shortly! We need Valley members to step up for our charities!

  Donating to the Blue Envelope appeal not only helps our charities, it helps our Valley with the Valley of Excellence program, and it helps you as members reach a mile marker in the Pathfinder Program.  Make a minimum donation of $1, record it in your Field Book (PF-SP-008) and log it on your members page. 

  Donate today, whether it’s $1, $10, $32, $100 or more! Every member’s donation counts towards our goal!


Are you interested, (maybe even a little excited), in the new Pathfinder Program? Log in on the 2nd Wednesday of each month this year, just before 6pm, to your member’s center on the Supreme Council website and watch a webinar that should answer many of your questions. This is gonna be fun!

To read the latest edition of the Chimes (Fall 2022), click HERE.

Congratulations to James Goetsch on being named to receive the Meritorious Service Award (MSA) at the 2023 Illinois Council of Deliberation! If you see him, shake his hand and congratulate him.

The Supreme Council has released another new campaign – “Pathfinder: The Journey of a Lifetime”. You should have received a mailing from the Supreme Council with your “Field Book”. For more information, click HERE!

Congratulations to Bro. Adam Circello, 32° who was named to receive the Moline Cross Award (Blue Hat) at the Fall 2022 Reunion (October 15th!).

Brethren, the Supreme Council has released a new campaign titled “Journey On”. The premier of this program has been well received. Here is the replay link. Share this with Master Masons you know who you believe would be interested, and if they’re moved by it, ask them to fill out the online petition.

The Valley meets at 409 2nd Avenue E., Milan, IL on the 2nd Monday of each month – Board meeting at 6:30pm, Stated meeting at 7:30pm

The Valley’s mailing address is: 677 Avenue of the Cities, #119, East Moline, IL 61244