Last Updated:  19 March 2019

Departed Brethren updated 19 March 2019 (Edwin Nesbitt, 32°)

Get those scholarship applications in NOW!  They are due by MARCH 1st.

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Sublime Princes of the Royal Secret

Last call for those interested in being part of the formation of the Valley of Moline’s Knights of St. Andrew.  An informational document can be found here.  And the petition here.  – Sorry, MSA’s and 33° are not eligible.

Our hope is that this will not only spark your interest in the Scottish Rite, but help us to establish a firm cast for the presentation of the Knight of St. Andrew (29°) degree.  This body will have it’s own officer corp, elected by the members.  There is a lot of good information on the web from other Valleys that have a KoSA established.

The Charter request will be submitted at our March Stated meeting (this was changed due to bad weather in February!).  Get your petitions in now to be a CHARTER MEMBER of this new unit in our Valley!  

There will be more added to the web page soon regarding this group!

  Also, If you know of a Brother Sublime Prince that you think might be interested, please pass this information along to him.  Please contact me, Michael McDorman, at:  McDorman67@gmail.com if you’re interested!  (Thanks to those who have already replied via email).

Veterans, add your service record to your member profile in the Scottish Rite, NMJ member center by clicking here.

Next Board meeting: April 8, 2019 – starting at 6:30 pm,  followed by the Stated meeting at 7:30 pm at Eureka Lodge No. 69 in Milan

Updated Scholarship form at the bottom of this page and on the Scholarship page!

I have been directed by our Deputy’s representative (Ill. Brother Robert Millikan, MSA, 33°) to make the following announcement:

At the most recent Supreme Council meeting held in Lexington, Massachusetts this past weekend.  Brother Timothy J. Vice, MSA was elected to receive the 33° at Milwaukee in 2019.

Please congratulate Tim next time you see him or give him a call, text, or email!

Congratulations to our newest MSA Recipient, James E. Foiles, 32°, MSA

And to the 2019 recipient – Avon Eugene Posey, 32°!

New update from ICOD, Scholarship applications are now due NLT March 1st!

Brethren, We need more articles for the Chimes Newsletter!  Please submit your articles to the Chimes editor Russ Hoeper, 32° as soon as possible.

 The Valley will be meeting at Eureka Lodge #69 in Milan.  The address for the Lodge is:

414 1st Ave. W.

Milan, Illinois  61264

The Valley has a new mailing address as well (it is not the same as the physical address):

Valley of Moline

677 Avenue of the Cities, #119

East Moline, Illinois  61244

Petition for membership in the Valley of Moline is available here . Petition takes a moment or two to load.

It’s never too early to start handing out Scholarship applications!

E-MAIL ADDRESSES:  We are well aware that postage and all other expenses continue to increase.  We would like to communicate with all of our members that have e-mail address through that medium.  It’s easier, faster, and less expensive.  If you have an e-mail address, and have not been receiving messages from us, please let us know.  Our e-mail is srite1@att.net.  Drop us a note, and we will get you on the list.