Last Updated:  11 January 2021

Departed Brethren updated 11 Jan 2021 (Bro. Robert Lee North)

Our next meeting will be 8 February 2021.  Board meeting will be at 6:30 pm, followed by the Stated meeting at 7:30 pm.  At this point this meeting will be held via Zoom.  Check your email for the link or contact the Secretary.  The Lodge of Perfection will be in charge of the meeting.  

* * * NEW * * *

A link to the New Scholarship Application  (to include our new Vocational Scholarship) is available HERE! now.  The application period is now through March 1st. Please Note, paper applications will NOT be accepted, you must use the online form.  

A section has been added to the website for the Knights of Saint Andrew! (look at the top menu on the right)  More to be added, later.

Congratulations to Ill. Bro. , Past Grand Master and Grand Treasurer Anthony Cracco for being selected to serve as an Active Member of the Supreme Council!  Also, congratulations to Bro. Dean L. Sheese, MSA for his selection to be honored with the 33° at Supreme Council in 2021, and to Bros. Michael L. McDorman and Dale F. Thayer who will receive the Meritorious Service Award at ICOD in 2021.

Class pictures have been added to the website!  Click HERE!

The list of Officers was updated for the 2020-2022 term.

 Congratulations to our Valley’s newest MSA’s: Thomas Newton Nipper and Jamie Allen Emery!  (Ceremony has been postponed, until a date as yet to be determined.)

The Valley Executive Secretary has a new email address:  srite.moline@gmail.com  Please update your contact lists and address books!

 March 23, 2020

Dear Brethren:

Please watch this short video about the closing of the Supreme Council offices, and what we will strive to do to keep in touch with you. As always, our fraternity is the best there is, and, counting on and helping each other is now more important than ever.

Fraternally and most sincerely,

David A Glattly, 33°

Brethren, keep those articles coming for the Chimes Newsletter!  Please submit your articles to the Chimes editor Russ Hoeper, 32° as soon as possible.  

To read the latest edition of the Chimes, click HERE!

 Check out the Current Events (in and around the Valley) page.

Veterans, add your service record to your member profile in the Scottish Rite, NMJ member center by clicking here.

 New update from ICOD, Scholarship applications are now due NLT March 1st! – And must be completed on-line!

The Valley will be meeting at Eureka Lodge #69 in Milan.  The address for the Lodge is:

414 1st Ave. W.

Milan, Illinois  61264

The Valley has a new mailing address as well (it is not the same as the physical address):

Valley of Moline

677 Avenue of the Cities, #119

East Moline, Illinois  61244

Petition for membership in the Valley of Moline is available here . Petition takes a moment or two to load.

E-MAIL ADDRESSES:  We are well aware that postage and all other expenses continue to increase.  We would like to communicate with all of our members that have e-mail address through that medium.  It’s easier, faster, and less expensive.  If you have an e-mail address, and have not been receiving messages from us, please let us know.  Our e-mail is srite.moline@gmail.com.  Drop us a note, and we will get you on the list.